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HR Module

How to Add a Team Member?

In the HR Admin, go to Onboarding  New Team Member.

There are five tabs to look at: 

  1. General Information
  2. Employment Details
  3. Working Hours & Time Off Policies
  4. Emergency Contacts
  5. Documents

Visit each one of those tabs in chronological order.

Once at the page, enter all required information (*) for your new Team Member.

Click on "Save" in the left hand tab.

How to Give an Employee Access to NeoPeople?

In the HR Admin, go to Onboarding → User Access

To give an employee access to NeoPeople:

  • Select an employee
  • Click "Multi-Action"
  • Click "User Access Account(s)"
  • Fill out the form
  • Click "Submit"
How to Process a Sick Leave Deduction?

In the HR Admin, go to Time Off  Time Off Settings

Go to Sick Days tab
Set "Deduct from earnings on sick days approval" to "Yes"
Click "UPDATE" once done

Navigate to Time Off → Sick Day Policies
*Make sure there is a sick leave policy set up*

Navigate to Time Off  Team Member Journal

  • Click "Sick Leave Journals"
  • Select everyone
  • Click "Actions"
  • Click "Assign Sick Leave Type"
  • Select the Sick Leave Policy
  • Click "Submit"

If you choose to not pay for a sick leave after social security has verified

  • Remain in Time Off  Team Member Journals
  • Select all employees
  • Click "Actions"
  • Click "Update Social Security Verification"
  • Select No
  • Click "Update"

If you will pay employees for a sick leave before social security has verified

  • Select all employees
  • Click "Actions"
  • Click "Update Social Security Verification"
  • Select Yes
  • Click "Update"


Payroll Module

Is Payroll Integrated with HR?

Yes. Payroll is Integrated with HR. In fact, NeoPeople works best when using both Payroll and HR.

In Payroll, go to People Center  Data Entry Verification

There will be 4 types of lists that you can view:

  1. Employees without Pay Category
  2. Employees without Payer Organization
  3. Employees without Salary
  4. Employees without Payment Method

To view them:

  • Click one of the 4 options
  • You will be redirected to a list of all employees that fall under that category.

This example specifically talks about employees without a payment method.


System Admin

How to Disable Email Notifications?

In the System Admin, go to System SecuritySystem's Users

To disable email notifications:

  • Select the employee that wants to disable Email Notifications
  • Click "User Roles"
  • At the "Receive email alerts from your team members?" field, select No
  • At the "Enable email notifications from NeoPeople" field, select No
    *It is recommended to keep this one enabled*
How to Change a User's Access/Roles on NeoPeople?

In the System Admin, go to System Security  System User's

To change the user's access/roles:

  • Select the employee
  • Click "User Roles"
  • In the "Security Group" field, select the appropriate role
  • In the "Access Type" field, select the appropriate role
  • Once done, click "Update User"


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Onboarding a New Team Member

In the HR Admin, go to Onboarding -> New Team Member

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